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Cyber Brands and TradeMarks. It's good to be famous.

The most famous brands throught the net world.

When you ask someone about famous trademark almost everyone answer quickly - Coca Cola. Well, that was a long time ago, in world without internet and cyber space. Now who is most wanted in Google query is the king. Mayby that's why Google still is the king.

Find out how valued is your cyber name. Most wanted has Alexa Rank 1 - it means the most wanted website in the cyber world. It depends on traffic factor.  What will be in the future we will see. For now listing looks like this:



Source of this knowledge:

Try web tools from to get ranks and value of your domain name.

Featured Domain Names and Premium TLD.

When a domain name is featured?

There are a few factors that a domain name must to has to be featured one. After that you can see you domain and website at first search engines results pages.
Main of them are:

- indexed domain and as many as possible pages by Google, Yahoo! Yandex and so on
- indexed keywords at aricles, news and other texts
- generic traffic, visitors from SERPs and links.
- strong backlinks
- good ranks: Alexa Rank i Google PR
- history, good reputation, safety content

Cyber names ideal for new brands: